Lab coat

I needed a lab coat for a thematic doll photoshoot (I’ll post it later, don’t worry), and there is a good MSD pattern available for free, so I made one and it turned out great! I’d never guess that I can make a coat with lapels. This lab coat is made of off-white cotton poplin… Continue reading Lab coat

Royal Manticoran Navy uniform

Alexandra & David – wait for it – Weber!

These photos were taken at David Weber’s panel and signing event in Prague I’ve told you about on Saturday. Sashenka was watching the debate from a chair in the front line. During the break, I asked David to pose for me. He was all eager to cooperate – he was taking pictures of Sashenka before… Continue reading Alexandra & David – wait for it – Weber!

Royal Manticoran Navy uniform

RMN uniform: the trousers

I just finished Sashenka’s trousers. This is the second attempt and looks good! The final pattern. The fabric is thin, non-transparent and slightly stretchy in one way. It was labeled as “blouse material”. First fitting and pinning. I added bigger seam allowances than usual to be sure. But for next time, I’ll buy some thinner… Continue reading RMN uniform: the trousers