Merida the Brave

Merida the Brave: dress construction

The deadline for this photo challenge has been extended – lucky me! I was very busy in the past weeks. I’d like to share with you my construction process of Merida’s dress for Alexandra. Drawing the pattern. I used a suede-like non-stretchy dark blue fabric for the dress and a calico for the “underdress”. My… Continue reading Merida the Brave: dress construction

1767 Princess Carolina dress

1767 Princess Carolina dress: hoop petticoat

I was experimenting with several shapes but ended up with this one, developed by a theatre seamstress – easy to make, practical and variable. With just a rough idea on the pattern, I started with a rectangle. The wavy line is actually a tunnel for the wire. Do not forget to use an insulated wire… Continue reading 1767 Princess Carolina dress: hoop petticoat

1767 Princess Carolina dress

1767 Princess Carolina dress: bloomers

I am not entirely sure if ladies wore some sort of panties back in 1767. However, bloomers are very useful – they protect your modesty, protect you from getting cold and if you are made of resin, bloomers protect your butt from being scratched by a doll stand. Original bloomers from 19th century were not… Continue reading 1767 Princess Carolina dress: bloomers

Royal Manticoran Navy uniform

RMN uniform: the trousers

I just finished Sashenka’s trousers. This is the second attempt and looks good! The final pattern. The fabric is thin, non-transparent and slightly stretchy in one way. It was labeled as “blouse material”. First fitting and pinning. I added bigger seam allowances than usual to be sure. But for next time, I’ll buy some thinner… Continue reading RMN uniform: the trousers