A bunch of new Monique wigs

I’ve ordered several new wigs from Monique Gold Collection. Eric’s Iplehouse wig was too stiff and voluminous (it looked “ancient-egyptian”) and my cutting experiments with it weren’t exactly succesfull. I’d make a horrible hairstylist. He’s got a Monique Paris 7-8″ in off-black. The hair is very soft and smooth and looks much more realistic. There… Continue reading A bunch of new Monique wigs


Lab coat

I needed a lab coat for a thematic doll photoshoot (I’ll post it later, don’t worry), and there is a good MSD pattern available for free, so I made one and it turned out great! I’d never guess that I can make a coat with lapels. This lab coat is made of off-white cotton poplin… Continue reading Lab coat

1850 black day dress

1850 black day dress: a petticoat (+ free pattern)

Oh dear, that’s… FLUFFY! I simply don’t like sewing wires into a fabric, so I made voluminous double-circle petticoat with two gathered flounces. I love how the layers came out. And here is the pattern as promised: This pattern was designed for a MSD ball-jointed doll, Iplehouse J.I.D. girl. The petticoat has 19 cm waist… Continue reading 1850 black day dress: a petticoat (+ free pattern)