Merida the Brave

Merida the Brave: another dress in progress

Could it be almost two years since I made that makeshift Merida costume? It was for a challenge photoshoot “Disney stories”; the dress was actually pinned together on Alexandra’s back and never finished afterwards because its pattern was totally unfitting. I’ve posted this picture in the 2015 gallery only. This dress and arrow do not… Continue reading Merida the Brave: another dress in progress


A bunch of new Monique wigs

I’ve ordered several new wigs from Monique Gold Collection. Eric’s Iplehouse wig was too stiff and voluminous (it looked “ancient-egyptian”) and my cutting experiments with it weren’t exactly succesfull. I’d make a horrible hairstylist. He’s got a Monique Paris 7-8″ in off-black. The hair is very soft and smooth and looks much more realistic. There… Continue reading A bunch of new Monique wigs


Lab coat

I needed a lab coat for a thematic doll photoshoot (I’ll post it later, don’t worry), and there is a good MSD pattern available for free, so I made one and it turned out great! I’d never guess that I can make a coat with lapels. This lab coat is made of off-white cotton poplin… Continue reading Lab coat