Chewin Gallapa doll wigs on Arthur

I’ve tried a couple of wigs on Arthur. He was wearing a 5-6″ Monique Paris in ginger brown so far. I wanted a short wig for him too, so I tried to cut a second-hand Monique Libby. It turned out horribly; instead of a Regency age gentleman, I ended up with Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber. It was clear that I have to find a pre-cut short man wig.

That’s not an easy task. However, I spotted several Chewin Gallapa wigs on Facebook. I ordered two of them while adding a note with more details: dark blonde hair, for Dollshe Fashion Grant Philippe. Those are hard cap wigs made for a specific doll model if possible. I was worried about a possible glue scraps visible in the hairline (yes, tried to make a doll wig from scratch too) but the wigs are just perfect. They came after three weeks from the order date.

Both wigs came well packed up in appropriately-sized plastic containers, stuffed with a paper ball and also with a hairnet. Both containers were in a small textile bag together and the bubblewrap envelope was stuffed with tiny origami cranes! This lovely detail made me smile in the middle of a Monday. A handful of a free luck!

Dollshe Fashion 28M with Chewin Gallapa wig

This is the Klairoong wig on Arthur. He definitely looks like a cousin of General Armitage Hux of Star Wars episodes VII & VIII. It was not my intention though, he’s going to be a historical character, or maybe fantasy as well.

His hair color looks to be pictured a bit reddish on my monitor but not in reality. The wig is purely blonde, maybe a bit lighter I’d want but it actually matches his eyebrows. This was a good buy!

The ponytail wig has the same hair color.

Dollshe Fashion 28M with Chewin Gallapa wig

The ponytail itself is higher than I’d need and its tie is covered with a hair lock (maybe too dressy for an European historical wear). But again, the quality is amazing. Even the sideburns on both wigs are well-made.

Review conclusions
– super amazing quality
– most realistic look I’ve seen on doll wigs so far
– men’s hairstyles!
– decent waiting time
– careful packing

– no list of available hair colors nor sample pictures (or, I didn’t find it)
– some wigs do not have a photo of the backside

Arthur now looks much better with such a real hairdo! I make a pants pattern for him but it was postponed because of my current work on a family history. The unfinished pattern lies still on my working table to remind me. I’ll post it here too but prepare yourself for some rant on Arthur’s HUGE “gift” which turns out to be a curse.

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