Flower petal skirt with a train

This is the promised post about Alexandra’s violet dress worn at the Valentine BJD meet-up Prague. Her “dress” is actually a turtleneck T-shirt with a separate trained skirt and blue satin ribbon covering the skirt top.

BJD Valentine meet-up Prague 2018

The turtleneck T-shirt is a prototype of a pattern I drawed two weeks ago. As you can see, the tee’s pattern will need some alterations – smaller neckline, narrower shoulders and refitting the armholes. But it’s violet! 💜 I love violet colour.

I also wanted to make a flower petal skirt for a long time. At first I thought I’d have to buy some artificial flowers and take them apart; then I realized you can buy a bag of +-100 fabric petals in a wedding decor section of our local party supplies store! Yay! They had white, pink, purple, lavender and… drumrolls, please… violet! 💜 I got two bags.

BJD doll petal flower trained skirt

The base skirt is made of the same violet 💜 jersey as her turtleneck. Then I added one petal at a time, starting at the bottom hem of the skirt. They’re scales-like – every petal covers the tip with the stitch of a petal underneath. This skirt took me three evenings to finish – one hour of sewing the base skirt and several hours of handstitching the petals (in a lovely company of David Attenborough, some tropical fishes, eagles, butterflies, polar bears, and whichever animal was on the show). Our dwarf bunnies Flynn and Freya were constantly begging for treats as I was taking the fabric petals from a plastic bag and it was making some suspicious rustling noises! That just HAVE to be their favourite alfalfa cookies! Give us some!! 🐰🐰 Dr. Pavlov would be happy to see them.

BJD doll petal flower trained skirt

I gave Sashenka my bracelet (I got it for last Christmas) to wear it as a necklace. We were lucky to have a matching satin ribbon in my stash so I made a fancy triple bow at her back. She wears no shoes as we were going to take some pictures outside and she stands alone much better when barefoot.

Thanks to everyone for their compliments on Sashenka’s outfit! I really appreciated them. I’m a lot socially clumsy but I’m glad I’ve met you all.

For now, some more pictures:

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