Box opening: Nac Mac Feegles by aGatti

I knew that aGatti makes nice realistic looking SDs. I don’t collect SDs (too big for me) but when I realized they make Nac Mac Feegles, wonderful life-sized models of tiny warlike pictsies from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld… I was doomed. I love Discworld and the Witches storyline including Feegles is my favourite one.

I ordered my dolls on 28th May 2017 and they came home on 13th November of the very same year. Both Nac Mac Feegles are 18 cm tall, one of them has his own cat skull helmet!

They came both in one outer box.

aGatti Nac Mac Feegles BJD doll

But every Feegle got his own giftbox! Good.

aGatti Nac Mac Feegles BJD doll

I ordered two Feegles with different heads but identical bodies. The biggest surprise for me was that they already have names! Discworld names! Meet Rob Anybody, the Big Man of the Chalk clan.

Nac Mac Feegles by aGatti BJD doll

And this big-eyed fellow is Daft Wullie! I’m missing Horace the Cheese here already.

Nac Mac Feegles by aGatti BJD doll

They came with random eyes but their irises are too deep. This provided eye is actually a flat picture under a clear resin hemisphere. I have some spare acrylic 6mm eyes so I’ll try them when my Feggles come back home from painting.

Nac Mac Feegles by aGatti BJD doll

My Feegles will get a full body tattoo (linear blue ornaments) with a blue blushing. I hope they’ll not look like smurfs. I bought a boy’s plaid shirt to make great kilts for them. Wigs and beards are another question – I’m thinking of some ginger mohair.

Are they back home again?
No? What about now?
And now?

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