Star Wars doll tees!

I’ve finally seen the new Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi last Friday and it was awesome! I’ll have to think some matters over but my overall impression is positive. NO SPOILERS here though – and I ask the same from you because hey, let’s not be assholes, could we?

Tchibo released some SW themed fashion (for boys only, shame on them) and I spotted an opportunity to make some T-shirts for my dolls. The print on boys boxers was just the right size, so I bought a set of two.

Star Wars boys boxers by Tchibo

Unfortunately, I got the smallest size they had in the store, and it was barely enough to make a MSD-sized doll tee. The Darth Vader print is pretty close to the middle front piece. I had no choice but make the front piece with a top-stitching on its left shoulder. I like the result though.

Star Wars T-shirts for BJD dolls

May the Force be with you all.

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