Stormtrooper helmet for a doll

My friend told me about this Star Wars merchandising. It’s a miniature stormtrooper helmet filled with candy, stickers and a small toy. Honestly, I was more interested in the helmet itself because it seemed to be of perfect scale for my dolls. There was an obstacle in my way, of course – I had to go to a particular supermarket. Welcome to The Social Anxiety House of Horror! I hate supermarkets in the city centre, all the crowds of people, an ultimate mix of confused tourists, shopping citizens, screaming children, yelling parents, discount-hunting seniors, food-hoarding gypsies, everyone. But there was no choice. I bought two helmets because two stormtroopers are always better than just one (think: guard of honor), and to have a replacement in case of breaking.

Stormtrooper BJD

The helmet has a perfect scale for a MSD doll. However, it’s about the same size as Erik’s head itself. It can only be worn instead of his head and not on it. I planned it anyway because I didn’t want to damage his face-up. The helmet looked a bit small to me first but Erik’s head is proportionally larger, compared to rest of his body, making him more doll-like.

Stormtrooper BJD

Now it comes to cutting. The carving was about 1 cm deeper than marked on the picture below. I used an exacto knife – the plastic was thin and soft enough – and a smooth file to finish edges. The back part of this helmet got just a small round cut to finish the neck hole.

Stormtrooper BJD

Well… please excuse a missing armor. (And a missing head but shhhh! Makes no difference!) I’ll may make it someday. The helmet could use some brushing and weathering too.

Stormtrooper BJD

Lazy shore leave day…

Stormtrooper BJD

With just a helmet, I can’t really photoshoot any Star Wars story (NO, there’s not going to be any porn! You have loads of other websites for that!). But, I might have a photoshoot idea anyway. It wouldn’t be that devious. Just a little.

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