Some very good news!

Dear readers! (Anybody here?) I have several good news I want to share.

#1 We have moved.

We moved from our two-room appartment to our house, from Prague to Prague! I have unpacked almost all boxes except several things I have to find a place for. Our new house means a lot of storage space and my own dedicated sewing workplace.

Me before the moving: “I have two cardboard boxes of fabrics and some unfinished projects. Seems easy.
Me after the moving: “Five boxes of fabric stash and two shopping bags of unfinished projects? Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster, how is that possible?

#2 I just got a shipping notice from Dollshe!

YAY! Three cheers for my Grant Philippe! Volejte Sláva a pět dní se radujte!

Grant Philippe by Dollshe Grant Philippe by Dollshe
Both pictures by Dollshe Craft.

I ordered Fashion sized 28M Grant Philippe by Dollshe on 5th February 2017. He is cast in Pure Oriental resin and will have a sleeping head as well (with that cute smirk!). He’ll come blank – his pictures above are just illustrative. I think he’ll make excelent Seregil í Korit Solun Meringil Bôkthersa from Lynn Flewelling’s Nightrunner fantasy book series. That’s not my intention with him but I’ll save it as a costuming idea.

Dollshe company is “famous” for their long waiting times; there are several people who waited over a year for their doll. But everyone says the doll was worth all the waiting and money and so on, so I ordered mine. I wasn’t expecting him before July and the shipping notice just took my breath this morning. Now it comes to the hardest part of waiting: checking the tracking number again and again, and… customs office. I HATE customs office, the last outpost of communism live and breathing, with all my heart. But nevermind, he’s not going to be there for long.

Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?

#3 My very own Nac Mac Feegles

AGatti Doll re-released their Feegle dolls for preorders. As a huge Terry Pratchett’s Discworld fan, I couldn’t resist those two lifesized Wee Free Men, so I ordered them both just yesterday. They will come home in September or October.

Feegles by aGatti Doll
Feegles by aGatti Doll

(It must be some kind of magic – I had no idea that Grant Philippe is coming home! I hope that ordering another doll is not necessary to speed up shipping of the previous one, or I’ll be bankrupt.)

#4 Non-doll sewing

Because Million Moons is my own creative blog, I’d like to add some more of my creations here. I love to sew clothing and costumes not just for my dolls but also for myself and my friends and family. So, from now on, I’ll post some human sewing projects as well.

Enjoy the spring!


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