Merida the Brave

Merida the Brave: another dress in progress

Could it be almost two years since I made that makeshift Merida costume? It was for a challenge photoshoot “Disney stories”; the dress was actually pinned together on Alexandra’s back and never finished afterwards because its pattern was totally unfitting.

I’ve posted this picture in the 2015 gallery only. This dress and arrow do not exist anymore.

04/2015 Disney stories

Last week, I had some leftovers from my friend’s medieval shirt I was making – a nice thin unbleached linen. When thinking of what to do with these cuttings, this old project just popped-up in my mind. I found some blue poplin in my fabric stash and made a paper-towels-and-ducktape pattern on Sashenka’s body.

The dress is made of a cold shoulder top with princess bust darts and added skirt. It’s closed on the back with press studs. The “chemise” is just a faux neckline and shoulders stitched under the dress. Both “chemise” and dress are finished with facing.

BJD doll Merida dress

The wig is Monique 7-8″ Ellowyne Rose in Double Red. I love it! So soft and fluffy and ginger and awesome!

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