A bunch of new Monique wigs

I’ve ordered several new wigs from Monique Gold Collection. Eric’s Iplehouse wig was too stiff and voluminous (it looked “ancient-egyptian”) and my cutting experiments with it weren’t exactly succesfull. I’d make a horrible hairstylist. He’s got a Monique Paris 7-8″ in off-black.

Iplehouse JID Jerome in Monique Paris wig

The hair is very soft and smooth and looks much more realistic. There are several colours of threads blended together. The wig itself is longer than needed but that’s the better case. I’ll cut off just a few centimetres to achieve a waist-length, then trim its hair ends to look more natural. I can see scissors markings on the wig now so there’s no “haircut” I could ruin. And, I don’t want Eric to be such a princess. 😀

Iplehouse JID Jerome in Monique Paris wig

Alexandra has got three new wigs, the Jas is a second-hand wig from FB doll sales group, Ellowyne and Pretty are brand new. I wanted some more contemporary haistyles for her to go with her modern clothes.

Monique Jas 7-8″ in Carrot red. You can see back of the wig in my “Lab coat” post. Yay sixties middle-class housewives!

BJD Iplehouse JID Leona in Monique Jas wig

Monique Ellowyne Rose 7-8″ in Double Red. This turned out to be my instant love. It makes Sashenka look as a strong woman somehow. Yay Irish fairies!

BJD Iplehouse JID Leona in Monique Ellowyne Rose wig

Monique Pretty Girl 7-8″ in Reddish Blonde. The colour itself was very hard to photograph but I love the wig’s haircut. Yay for so many hair options!

If you’ll excuse me for now, I’m going to give Sashenka back the Ellowyne and to squee some more.

Have a nice weekend!

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