Lab coat

I needed a lab coat for a thematic doll photoshoot (I’ll post it later, don’t worry), and there is a good MSD pattern available for free, so I made one and it turned out great! I’d never guess that I can make a coat with lapels.

This lab coat is made of off-white cotton poplin (shirt fabric) and doll-sized tiny buttons. It will be worn open so I made faux “buttonholes” with three chain stitches. Alexandra’s pencils are two halves of a toothpick painted with markers. At least she can’t complain about her shoes – while working in a real laboratory, she’d get a terrible legs-/back-/headache in no time. I like her look – just saying “I am not surprised to see you here, Mr. Bond.” (Eric as James Bond? Hmmm…)

BJD doll lab coat

The thing is, I love to sew but don’t really enjoy making patterns. Iplehouse JID patterns are hard to come by so I’m very grateful for this one. Maybe I’ll make one more “1940s” coat using different fabric, and with added belt. And bigger buttons. And 1940s hairstyle.

More women into science! 😉

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