Dolly Christmas presents

We’ve attended this year’s Czech BJD community Christmas Fairy event! You can apply yourself (to make gifts) and your BJDs (to receive gifts) and have fun making presents for another collector’s dolls. I am sorry to say I didn’t make any pictures of the gifts I was sending away but at least you can see what my dolls have got from their fairies.

Alexandra has got her gifts at a pre-Christmas BJD meet-up and had to try them right away.

BJD hippie

The black T-shirt is made by me, Sashenka’s fairy gave her this lovely embroidered yellow skirt, linen ruffled shawl and flower beaded necklace (used as a circlet on the picture). With her high laced boots, the outfit looks a bit Czech/Slovak-national-outfit-inspired. I actually love all national costumes and have plans for many of them for my dolls.

Detail of the skirt embroidery:

BJD hippie

There was also a tiny book included in the gift wrap! ♥ And the little kitten pillow was a welcome gift from the meet-up. Its label says “Merry and happy Christmas!”

book pillow

Erik received his gifts by a post. He had to be a very good kid! He’s got two tees and one sweater, all handsewn with custom iron-on pictures! (The black ones are actually just one T-shirt dressed up the right way – with the zipper in front – and then backwards – no zipper, big picture.)

Did you notice the brown beaded bracelet? This is a fairy gift too.♥

Many thanks to both of our fairies! And also thanks to Christmas fairy event administrators-volunteers, may you bring all this joy and happiness to everyone as long as possible!

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