1850 black day dress

1850 black day dress: a skirt

As you may have noticed in the Halloween meet-up gallery, Sashenka’s victorian skirt is finished!

Halloween BJD meet-up Prague

And this lovely gentleman noticed how it suits her! 🙂

Halloween BJD meet-up Prague

The skirt is made of two flounces attached to one belt. The bottom flounce aka basic layer has a pattern like this:

doll skirt pattern

The top flounce is a simple rectangle strip of fabric, gathered to the belt. Gathering both flounces would create too much bulk so I decided to cut out the darts from the bottom flounce instead, as you see it on the pattern diagram.

Mid-19th-century skirts (or “civil war” skirts) were always a compromise between fashion and practicality. Sashenka’s dress represents a middle-class woman who doesn’t do any hard work – her skirts can be wide to be fashionable and to accentuate her waist. (Do not forget the petticoat, it wouldn’t work without it!) A velvet band was a popular trim in 1850’s. Now I have to think of the blouse – the trim should be somewhere on the sleeves as well.

Have a nice last days of autumn!


2 thoughts on “1850 black day dress: a skirt

  1. So beautiful. I would love to have one of those doll can you give me information for purchasing one. I also love to make clothes and would make a habit of the servants of the sacred cross for my own collection of Nun dolls. Great design, and your clothes are beautiful and so well put together. Great design, and talent .
    Sr. Carol Therese, SSC
    909 993-3220

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