1850 black day dress

1850 black day dress: a skirt

As you may have noticed in the Halloween meet-up gallery, Sashenka’s victorian skirt is finished!

Halloween BJD meet-up Prague

And this lovely gentleman noticed how it suits her! 🙂

Halloween BJD meet-up Prague

The skirt is made of two flounces attached to one belt. The bottom flounce aka basic layer has a pattern like this:

doll skirt pattern

The top flounce is a simple rectangle strip of fabric, gathered to the belt. Gathering both flounces would create too much bulk so I decided to cut out the darts from the bottom flounce instead, as you see it on the pattern diagram.

Mid-19th-century skirts (or “civil war” skirts) were always a compromise between fashion and practicality. Sashenka’s dress represents a middle-class woman who doesn’t do any hard work – her skirts can be wide to be fashionable and to accentuate her waist. (Do not forget the petticoat, it wouldn’t work without it!) A velvet band was a popular trim in 1850’s. Now I have to think of the blouse – the trim should be somewhere on the sleeves as well.

Have a nice last days of autumn!


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