1850 black day dress

1850 black day dress: a petticoat (+ free pattern)

Oh dear, that’s… FLUFFY!

1850 petticoat for a BJD

I simply don’t like sewing wires into a fabric, so I made voluminous double-circle petticoat with two gathered flounces. I love how the layers came out.

1850 petticoat for a BJD

And here is the pattern as promised:

1850 BJD doll petticoat pattern

This pattern was designed for a MSD ball-jointed doll, Iplehouse J.I.D. girl. The petticoat has 19 cm waist and 26 cm length. At first, sew two skirt parts together and trim all edges with a zig-zag stitch. Gather both flounces and stitch them into place as marked on the pattern. DO NOT IRON! That would ruin the petticoat’s volume.

This bell-shaped petticoat can support mid-19th-century dresses, or a “southern belle” civil war gowns.

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