Biohazard in progress

I admit: I have tons of unfinished sewing BJD projects (should I mention my three cardboard boxes full of fabrics I bought for some projects and not started them yet?). Two BJD skirts without press studs, two skirts cutted but not sewn together, the same for Erik’s basic blue T-shirt… and one black T-shirt with biohazard sign I work on right now.

Biohazard BJD T-shirt

The stencil does not make perfectly sharp lines but you can easily finalize your ornament with a thin paintbrush (I use Kolibri 2/0) using a textile paint in a colour of your fabric. My stencil is made of an astralon foil. It’s a thin but sturdy A4 sheet of a translucent foil used by school kids to insert a worksheet and then to write with a pencil on the foil so their teacher can reuse his/her worksheets. Astralon foil can be cleaned with an eraser. I plan to use it for historical BJD clothes which need to be boned – renaissance corsets etc.

I’ve also found this work-in-progress photo of Erik’s stripped long-sleeved sweatshirt.

Stripped BJD T-shirt

As you can see from my picture, BJD (or any doll) T-shirts must have their sleeves sewn in the armhole before sewing the actual sleeve together. When you sew a human T-shirt or blouse, you finish the body, finish the sleeves and then fit your sleeve into the armhole. However, BJD armholes are way too small to sew them this way when you want to use a sewing machine.

When finishing your side seams, always pin the underarm seams to match first 😉

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