Some more tees

Erik has got a new long-sleeved T-shirt from a knit fabric I’ve had in my box for two years. Handsome boy, isn’t he? According to my husband, men’s stripped tops are told to signify a lack of sexual experience. So far I do not believe it. 🙂

BJD doll stripped blue T-shirt

For Alexandra, I tried to alter her cap sleeved T-shirt pattern to have a ruffled neckline. To alter the pattern, copy the front piece to a new paper and cut a T-shaped lines, then unfold as pictured. This will add the necessary volume of a fabric to the neckline. You can have a waterfall neckline, or stitch it together to get a ruffle.

BJD T-shirt pattern alteration

The red line is my final pattern shape. It was still too tight for a waterfall so I made the ruffle.

BJD doll black T-shirt

Her tee itself turned out looser than expexted. Well, that’s where you get your sewing skills: you make it again and it’s always better than the last attempt.

Have a nice summer! 😉


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