Circle skirt – 20 panels!

I’m in the middle of some calibrations… (ahem) preparations for my doll clothes sewing workshop. I started making this skirt a half year ago and put it on the shelf. Circle skirts require some effort and are a bit tricky so I said myself that showing one at my workshop might become useful.

Long circle skirt

This full circle skirt is made of 20 panels because of the stripes. When you cut your panels from a stripped fabric, one of the panel sides (always the left one, or always the right one, no switching!) must be parallel with the stripes. Number of your panels will depend on a width of your stripes – the wider they are, the wider can your panel be. This useful app will do the necessary math for you – it works with human measurements but you can multiply your doll’s measurements by 3 (for 1/3 scale) or 4 (for 1/4 scale) etc.

Long circle skirt

The skirt is inspired by Indian cotton lehenga skirts. (I wear them myself, I own four pieces.) It has an underlined shaped waist and bottom hem facing. I’m glad I’ve bought this lovely stripped fabric in a patchwork store – it’s a pity I do not have enough to sew something for me of it! But Alexandra will probably use an 1870 afternoon tea gown, or steampunk lady outfit.

Long circle skirt

Blessings, survive the Monday, guys!

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