Stretchy T-shirt for my JID boy

One provisional black T-shirt and one not-as-good-as-it-could-be shirt for Erik weren’t actually a wardrobe that my boy deserved, so I made a new blue T-shirt for him. Iplehouse dolls have thick massive bodies and common BJD patterns available around the internet do not fit them.

Spending an hour or so, I constructed the pattern:

Blue T-shirt for my JID boy

Good thing is that my sewing machine (Bernette Milan 5) is able to sew even the cheap thin knit with its appropriate walking foot. You must not start sewing at the actual fabric edge but at least 3 mm from it. You will sew the gap through anyway when tying off.

Another good thing is that I finally made fitting armholes and sleeves! Yay! The body needs some more fitting though. (Everything I sewed till today had some space for my DD or Alexandra’s L breasts. I’m not used to sew for someone not having big breasts! :D)

Blue T-shirt for my JID boy

Now I’ll have to take away some fabric around his breasts and it will be perfect. My inner perfectionist is just a pain in the neck.


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