Benedictine Nun: the BJD clothing anatomy

Alexandra’s robe was simple to sew but trickier to dress up. Her basic tunic is made of some thin blouse fabric. Do not forget to make the tunic loose, not fitted – fitted dress was considered fancy and seductive in the middle ages. Nuns were dressed similar to older women, especially widows – dark loose dress and veiled hair.

I was inspired by several Benedictine nuns pictures, e. g. this one. It’s a movie costume but nice and closest to my idea.

The basic tunic:

BJD Benedictine nun

As a first layer of all veils, put on a simple “pirate scarf”. It’s just a folded strip of calico fixed with pins. (Use thin and unobtrusive ones.) The back part should not be too bulky.

BJD Benedictine nunBJD Benedictine nun

Now the wimple. It is a rectangle piece of calico. Holding the corners of your wimple, place one of the long sides under your doll’s chin. Put the corners on the top of doll’s head and pin the overlap. Fix it to the basic scarf you have put on before.

Remember that the wimple is probably the most important part of this headdress. Take your time and arrange several soft folds under your doll’s chin – the more the better.

BJD Benedictine nun

BJD Benedictine nun

If you want to have an ordinary medieval woman, you can stop right now. But for the Benedictine nun, add one more black veil. Mine is a half-circle of the same fabric as the tunic. Use a pin on each side.

BJD Benedictine nun

BJD Benedictine nun

Here we are. I’d recommend adding a simple belt (cingulum) and a plain rosary. Also a plain apron could be useful when taking outside or garden pictures.

Thank you for reading!


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