Dominican Priar: the BJD clothing anatomy

His robe is based on many pictures of Saint Dominic, such as this one. The dominican habit hasn’t changed much since middle ages but materials are different.

The first layer is a long off-white tunic. I used calico – it’s cheap, thin and looks super-historical. I’d recommend adding a simple belt (cingulum) and a plain rosary.

BJD dominican friar

Now the scapular. It’s just a lined stipe of cloth with a hole for the head. It comes always over the belt, not under it. (Dominicans did not work in their gardens etc. so there were no such practical features required for these robes.)

BJD dominican friar

Next part is the black cloak. Mine is made of thin “suit fabric” half-circle gathered to the neckband with a press-stud.

BJD dominican friar

The hood finishes a dominican habit. It’s the same suit fabric lined with the same calico. All hail to brother Erik!

BJD dominican friar

I will show Alexandra’s Benedictine nun robe in the next post. And both costumes will have a common gallery here.


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