Cap sleeve T-shirt, Take Two

I made a second version of my cap sleeve T-shirt for Sashenka. It’s much better than the first one but still has its imperfections. Error management is important, so enjoy my analysis!

BJD cap sleeve T-shirt

  1. I tried to fold twice the seam allowance at the end of the sleeve and sew it on instead of using an elastic trim. Bad, bad idea. At least bad for this pattern. Elastic trim is your friend. For the neckline, I used a trim made of the same fabric instead of the one I bought at the sewing store. Looks better.
  2. Underarm wrinkles are smaller now. I usually work with 1 cm seam allowances but this time, after finishing the seam itself, I trimmed its allowances to 4 mm and finished them with a zig zag stitch. Trimming of the seam allowance reduced the bulk in the underarm.
  3. This ugly bump appeared because of bad working procedure. I sewed one shoulder seam, then pinned the elastic trim around the neckline and sewed it, then sewed the second shoulder seam. Again, bad idea. There were too many layers meeting in this point. The next time procedure will be: sew both shoulder seams, zig zag them, sew both elastic trim ends together, place this joint in the back, pin the trim in the neckline, sew it.
  4. A wrinkle in the shoulder seam. My dear, you could do better, couldn’t you?
  5. I’ll add a half-centimeter to the bust circumference. You can’t see it from this photo but the knit fabric is too stretched. This would deform a picture on the T-shirt if there is any.

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