Cap sleeve T-shirt for Sashenka

Cap sleeve T-shirts consist of two pieces of fabric. They are perfect for beginners in knit sewing – you don’t have to fit sleeves in the shoulder and worry about matching seams in the underarm. In this case, the stretchy fabric will do the fitting for you. I traced Alexandra’s body on the fabric with 1 – 1,5 cm addition. I wanted a close-fitted T-shirt – if you want a looser cut, add more fabric. Do not forget to ensure which way is the stretchy one. A T-shirt should be stretchy in its width. Cap sleeve T-shirt Pattern fitting. The knit shouldn’t be too stretched when dressed on a doll. It will deform a pattern or a picture on your clothing if there is any. This “oh-I-have-such-big-boobs” effect is so cheap! 😀 Cap sleeve T-shirt Pinning on an elastic trim. When sewing knits, pin a lot. Cap sleeve T-shirt This is the result. Not bad! Cap sleeve T-shirt For the next time, I’ll try to use a scoop neckline facing instead of the straight elastic trim. I should do something with the underarm wrinkles.

Erik: “You should do a tee for me too!”
Me: “Come on, you still have the black one made from my old tee.”
Erik: “You can’t be serious!”


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