Merida the Brave

New project: Merida the Brave

I need this costume to finish the local doll community photo challenge. The deadline is on the next Thursday. This project should be really, really fast.

I already have a suitable dark blue fabric and some linen cutoffs. Despite of my usual accuracy mania, I will be making only one dress with a false “undershirt”. And, of course, Merida would not be complete without her bow and arrows. Martha Boers has a very nice tutorial on how to make these.

So, here is my list:

  • dark blue dress with false undershirt
  • bow
  • quiver with arrows
  • belt
  • one or two arrows for posing

My first stop will be a local stationery. I need an air-dry modelling clay and a glue. Come on, this bow will not make itself…

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