1767 Princess Carolina dress

New project: 1767 Princess Carolina Mathilda dress

I work on a new dress for Sashenka: so called robe á la francaise or saque or sack dress worn in 18th century. This fashion started at royal court in Paris as usual in that time period.

An example:

(Taken from Pinterest – original source not found.)

I will not be making this specific dress but you got the idea, right? Rococo, Mary Antoinette, Georgiana Cavendish etc. Everything voluminous and frilly. Tons of silk tafetta and miles of ribbons. High supportive constructions in your hairdo. White gloves, fans, pearl jewelry. Giggling and gossip! Mistresses and bastards! Love it.

A very beutiful and elaborate saque by Augustintytär.

Caroline Mathilde of Great Britain
I will be making this particular cream and pink dress. It was worn by princess Caroline Mathilde of Great Britain, the sister of the king George III.

I will start with an undergarment because it is necessary for the right period silhouette. (I’m not a living-history-nazi, thank you for asking.) Trying to make a full reproduction of a period dress in doll scale would be ineffective and vain effort – fastening too small, body shaping by corset impossible etc. However, I want to stand by a period look as close as possible.

This outfit will be having following parts:

  • bloomers (I am not sure if it was worn in this period but it will protect Sashenka’s intimate parts from being scratched by a doll stand.)
  • shift???
  • corset??? (not sure, it couldn’t be worn under the dress because it would just add to the bulk with no shaping effect)
  • hoop petticoat (yup, the wide hips)
  • underskirt
  • overdress with stomacher (the stomacher will be boned to stay flat)
  • stockings
  • shoes (here it comes… my first doll shoes ever)
  • wig (no ship models or clocks, really)

I really like the vanilla yellow silk tafetta which Augustintytär used. Sashenka’s saque will be made of a polyester tafetta. I have a piece of gold habutai silk but don’t want to use it for my first saque dress.

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