Christmas Day Take II

Getting just one hat and nothing more is an usual Christmas nightmare. Fortunately, there is a Christmas fairy event here! It’s a traditional BJD gifts swap in Czech collectors’ community and we have received our gifts just today.

This was the first thing I saw under the wrapping paper:
Christmas 2014

Now that’s interesting! Something gothic? Fantasy?

Christmas 2014

Nope, just MtG boxes, one for each doll.

Christmas 2014

It was full of tiny props and accessoires! Sashenka got a rose, an antique vase, a cocktail glass, a star candleholder, a candle, a cute sheep magnet, a scissors pendant and tiny clothespins. Eric got a fairy pendant, a cocktail glass as well, a burger (ahem… eraser ahem…), a giant apple (compared to him), a cute sheep magnet as well, a Star Trek comm-shaped pillow and a lovely chess set!

Christmas 2014

Thank you, our Christmas fairy! I am already thinking of some renaissance costumes and a balcony scene in Capulets’ orchard with that rose. Because “that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”!


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