Royal Manticoran Navy uniform

Alexandra & David – wait for it – Weber!

These photos were taken at David Weber’s panel and signing event in Prague I’ve told you about on Saturday. Sashenka was watching the debate from a chair in the front line.

RMN uniformed Sashenka

During the break, I asked David to pose for me. He was all eager to cooperate – he was taking pictures of Sashenka before and really liked her uniform. I was so proud! Thank you again, David and Sharon.


This famous man is the author of Honor Harrington novels, but he is also an expert in (not only) the military and naval history, literature, geek culture and many other topics. The panel was really interesting, inspiring and entertaining – Sharon adding some details to David’s stories was just priceless. I enjoyed the afternoon and evening despite the fact that I know the novel series only to Ashes of Victory. For now, at least.

I would also like to thank HMS Phantom Group, the Czech fanbase of DW’s work, for organizing such an event here.

P. S.: If you have any more photos of Alexandra you want to share with me, do not hesitate to do so! I would include them to a gallery with your name mentioned.

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