Royal Manticoran Navy uniform

RMN uniform: the turtleneck

Working with a knit on a hobby sewing machine is always a pain. Don’t buy the cheapest (and very thin) knit, the machine will try to eat it and the knit will make ugly fluffs in the bottom bobbin space. Or whatever will come to its mind, you can never be sure.

This turtleneck is worn as a base of all Manticoran uniforms to protect the blouse from body oils and sweat. I used easy unisex 5-part pattern.

RMN turtleneck in progress

When working with a knit, you can never use too many pins.


And here is our captain-to-be.

RMN turtleneck

The next step will be black trousers. I bought a black fabric today, so let’s move to the next piece.

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