Royal Manticoran Navy uniform

New project: RMN uniform

I want to make Royal Manticoran Navy captain uniform for Sashenka; not to cosplay Honor or any other particular book character but just because white berets are so elegant and becoming. I start with this project now because of David Weber’s visit in Brno in November. David Weber is a writer and author of Honor Harrington book series and these uniforms are worn by his heroes.

The uniform consists of:

  • thin white turtle-neck
  • formal black pants
  • black tunic with red epaulets, Manticoran shoulder patch, ship patch, gold hem, galloons, rank insignia, name tag and medals
  • white beret with Manticoran patch
  • black shoes – no high heels allowed
  • wig with a hairbun or braid or buzz cut (necessary for dolls only :-))
RMN officer's uniform and skinsuit by Thomas Marrone
RMN officer’s uniform and skinsuit by Thomas Marrone

My first step will be making of turtle-neck; I already have a suitable fabric. For pants and tunic, I will have to find a thin, black, non-stretchy fabric. You can’t really do “arms close the body” when you have a bulk of fabric in your underarm, so that’s why it must be thin.

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