Erik’s box opening

Erik is an Iplehouse J.I.D. Jerome. This sculpt is discontinued from March 2014 – it was announced in January. I wanted him a lot, so I ordered him without any more delays. I placed the order on 27th January and he came to me on 25th April.

I am not completely sure about his name yet, but at least I have something to work with. And now, let’s proceed to the pictures!

A box. A wet box – there was a storm outside.

Sashenka is helping, of course. There is a wig and boots on the top…

… and this lovely 2014 calendar in a textile paper envelope.

The giftbox! Sashenka watches from afar, my man pops the bubble wrap. Everything is dry at least.

What have we here? The certificate of authenticity, an assembly manual and an advertising flyer. Perfect size for a doll poster, if they want a vampire picture in their bedroom.

The first peekaboo from a soft foam coffin.

My first thought was: "WAIT! No face cap." (This is because he came blank, I guess.)
My second thought was: "Damn, I am in love."

One last view of the helpless victim. The body is nice such as the peach gold resin color.

Let’s help him to get out.

Looks good!

The default light brown eyes are way too big for him. Fortunately, smaller eyes are on its way.

A single-member reception committee.

Seems to be okay, all fingers are on their proper places.

Next morning. Daylight. My kitchen. Handsome guy at my kitchen!

No doubt that he’s natural born photomodel.

Do you miss something here in the end? I have no cats. But, I know of an animal, who loves cardboard boxes as well. Meet Nastjenka, an 8-years-old rabbit lady.


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