Alexandra’s box opening

Alexandra was my first ball jointed doll. I was lurking on BJDs almost two years, and then finally decided and ordered one for myself.

I wanted an european-looking girl with feminine curves, which was not easy to find, until my path crossed with Iplehouse‘s – and it was done. I was returning to the site again and again. Leona was not a love at first sight, because her basic face-ups are not very pretty nor interesting. I fell in love with her “Mona Lisa” smile – it changes with every new visual angle, it appears and vanishes. She is a perfect photomodel. Such a shame that my first pictures of her are just loads of noise!

On 9th November 2012, in Prague, there was a box.

Iplehouse outer box.

First sight into the box. What have we here? An invoice, a carrier bag…

… boots…

…and finally the giftbox. This is starting to be interesting. I fight with an urge to pop the “antistress bubble wrap” and move to the final act of unpacking.

An assembly manual! I hope that I will not need it too soon.

And here comes the astronaut. She is well-packed and protected.

Her face-up is protected by a mask. It might seem too pale at first sight but it was caused by the artificial yellowish light.

But the body is just beautiful!

She misses some joints that other companies offer on their dolls. Iplehouse dolls’ mobility is not good compared to others – it is a penalty for the realistic look of Iplehouse bodies.

You can partially see the verification mark on the back of her head – a dark blue oval with Iplehouse logo, the proof that she was truly made in Iplehouse workshop in South Korea. The envelope contains a certificate of authenticity.

Let’s sit down for that. She fell back few seconds later but this moment was victorious.

Next morning and finally a natural light. Sashenka (this is a diminutive for Alexandra) is standing like a rock. It is not that good in high heels, but we can handle that.

Freckled face-up is a compromise between Leona A and Kassia A. And the lashes! I love her lashes. She’s got basic dark green 12 mm eyes.

The very first clothes I made for her – a tunic and a long skirt. Alexandra is the guardian of my home library and takes her job very seriously.


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